Pamela Gonos - Optometrist

 Pamela has almost 30 years experience as an Optometrist. She is  passionate about being an independent Optometrist and  especially prides  herself on her excellent communication skills. She has the ability and  experience  to find solutions for often complex vision problems. She is  especially interested in the emerging area of myopia control and  management and vision solutions  in an  occupational setting. She  attends many Optometrist and Ophthalmological conferences to enhance her  knowledge of new techniques in early detection of eye disease. She is a  keen history buff and has two children. 


Satinder Paguyan - Optical Dispenser

 Satinder joined the team at Individual Eye Care as a full-time  trainee Optical Dispenser back in December 2009. Satinder is now a Qualified Optical Dispenser, and over the 10 years has gained exceptional  knowledge and practical experience in her field. She has a lovely,  friendly warm attitude towards our patients. Satinder has great creative  flair and is in charge of all of our marketing initiatives.   


Penelope King - Optical Dispenser

 Penelope is an experienced Optical Dispenser with over 20 years of  experience. She has a wealth of practical knowledge. Penelope has a warm  and engaging personality and has been a great asset to the practice.  She is a busy mum to 4 young beautiful children. 


Sarah Dinh - Optometrist



Channelle Succar - Optometry Student/Receptionist