You can't spot eye disease

Checking you vision to see if you require glasses or  contact lenses is only one aspect of the eye examination. We have the  latest state of the art equipment to help detect eye diseases such as  glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic eye disease. Over  80% of preventable vision loss can be avoided by early detection and  diseases such as glaucoma give very little early symptoms.

Topcon Digital Retinal Camera 

Digital Retinal Photography is the most up to date  technology to detect and monitor the health of the Retina. This camera  is invaluable in the early detection of macular degeneration. Our  Optometrists will show you the images on our purpose built monitors. All  Diabetic should have digital retinal images done every 12 months. 

 Humphreys FDT Visual Analyser

The Humphreys frequency doubling visual field  analyzer can be utilized to detect diseases of the optic nerve such as  glaucoma. This equipment examines the peripheral vision and detects loss  of vision or blind spots. Our Optometrists have detected many early  signs of glaucoma and have subsequently referred on to our trusted  ophthalmologists for treatment.